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Learn about the topics and themes my artwork focuses on

Empowering Black Women

At “Haenley Studio” we seek to empower all women, men and children. We have a particular focus on traditional marginalized & ostracized groups of women, our melanated black queens. We encourage images of self love and cultural expression and identity. 

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My Hair, My texture. My expression. I wear my hair in its natural state, with all its kinks & curls. A curly Fro. I wear my hair in braids Interwoven locs, a protective style. Braided highlights in my faux locs. An art form. I add accessories to my braids. Wooden beads, gold strings Faded golden clips. Black Hair is beautiful and I wear it proud. Dear black girl, your hair is stunningly versatile – wear it how you choose!
– Haenley Pierre

Art Advocacy

Haenley engages in art advocacy, using artwork to change narratives and highlight certain human plight and conditions.

My Blackness

It was inspired by my amazing poet friend, Bella Dapilma.

She wrote a piece entitled “Darkness before Dawn,” I pulled a few verses from the poem which inspired the creation of this image. In the intro of her poem, she writes “In the beginning there was darkness…in the dark, they carved black hands and they were heavenly“.

This piece is part of a project initiative aimed to challenge the concept of darkness. Some of the most beautiful things can come from darkness, and sometimes things shine the brightest when it is dark.

Darkness should not be synonymous with ugly, evil, bad. It was along those lines where a whole race of people became linked and thereby dehumanized with those adjectives.

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