Make your own shea butter

fragrance for shae butter

I make my Whipped shea butter for my family and myself once every year. Yes, you read right. My Shea Butter lasts for a whole year! Read below for a simple and easy recipe What are the ingredients I use? Basics: Raw African shea butter Oil (virgin Coconut oil, black castor oil, extra virgin olive […]

Black women and regular doctor visits

Doctor visits? I am a black woman and I honestly visit my primary doctor about once a year. Prior to my insurance coverage, I was seen probably once every 15 -18 months or longer. Black women, myself included are typically wary of the US healthcare system. There are multifaceted reasons why this fear exists and […]

Headwraps in the workplace?

headwrap styles at workplace

Headwraps in the workplace? I am a black woman. A Haitian born, American raised woman. I am an avid headwrap-wearer! It stems from my culture both immediate and ancestral and my own experience in how I choose to style my hair. What is a headwrap? Similar to how it sounds. First, it is a fabric; […]

My favorite headwraps


Make your headwraps a part of your attire!   I’m a huge proponent of wearing headwraps. I started wearing and experimenting with different tying methods since 2017. In terms of tying a headwrap, I still have a long way to go. The quick tying methods I’ve learned thus far have brought me a long way. […]

Looking to Commission a painting? 5 Tips to consider

Commission an oil painting

We all have a set of expectations in life. When it comes to artwork and commissioned paintings – the clearer the expressed expectation, the better the result!   1. Reference Images As a portrait painter, this is the most important point! I often get requests for portrait painting but the images quality provided are simply unworkable, […]

5 Tips To Spice Up Your Oil Painting

Spice Up Your Oil Painting

Spice up your Oil Paintings Are your paintings a little flat? In need of some pizazz? Have you ever wondered how to enhance your paintings? Here’s a couple tips for you ! 1. Positioning: Use your Foreground, Middle ground & background! Divide your canvas into thirds from bottom to top. What are foreground, middleground and […]

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