Supporting children of immigrant families

Immigrant Children

Boom! New environment, new country. New language, new neighbors.   Plot twist you’re 8 yrs old, clinging to your mom who’s in the same predicament. This is not a movie, it’s real life.  “Mom! Where are we?”  “We’re at the entrance gate of the “Land of freedom & opportunity “ “Mama, why do I feel […]

My Big Chop

Big Chop Haenley Studio

Yes sis! Healthy hair journey is the way to go!   Many of us have faced a rollercoaster ride with our hair. What if your experience has been dictated by outside forces outside your own person? Black women’s hair has been politicalized, scrutinized, ridiculed, deemed unkempt, brittle, dreadful and the list goes on and on. […]

Make your own shea butter

fragrance for shae butter

I make my Whipped shea butter for my family and myself once every year. Yes, you read right. My Shea Butter lasts for a whole year! Read below for a simple and easy recipe What are the ingredients I use? Basics: Raw African shea butter Oil (virgin Coconut oil, black castor oil, extra virgin olive […]

Black women and regular doctor visits

Doctor visits? I am a black woman and I honestly visit my primary doctor about once a year. Prior to my insurance coverage, I was seen probably once every 15 -18 months or longer. Black women, myself included are typically wary of the US healthcare system. There are multifaceted reasons why this fear exists and […]

Headwraps in the workplace?

headwrap styles at workplace

Headwraps in the workplace? I am a black woman. A Haitian born, American raised woman. I am an avid headwrap-wearer! It stems from my culture both immediate and ancestral and my own experience in how I choose to style my hair. What is a headwrap? Similar to how it sounds. First, it is a fabric; […]

My favorite headwraps


Make your headwraps a part of your attire!   I’m a huge proponent of wearing headwraps. I started wearing and experimenting with different tying methods since 2017. In terms of tying a headwrap, I still have a long way to go. The quick tying methods I’ve learned thus far have brought me a long way. […]

Looking to Commission a painting? 5 Tips to consider

Commission an oil painting

We all have a set of expectations in life. When it comes to artwork and commissioned paintings – the clearer the expressed expectation, the better the result!   1. Reference Images As a portrait painter, this is the most important point! I often get requests for portrait painting but the images quality provided are simply unworkable, […]

5 Tips To Spice Up Your Oil Painting

Spice Up Your Oil Painting

Spice up your Oil Paintings Are your paintings a little flat? In need of some pizazz? Have you ever wondered how to enhance your paintings? Here’s a couple tips for you ! 1. Positioning: Use your Foreground, Middle ground & background! Divide your canvas into thirds from bottom to top. What are foreground, middleground and […]

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